J’Nay and Patrick (#127) 11-01-12

I passed the Bank of America in Tampa. An outside courtyard has lots of nice metal tables, each with four chairs. It amuses me that the chairs are attached to the tables with metal cables. But then, a lot of things amuse me.

I sat for a spell (southern colloquialism) and noticed a young couple, several tables away. They seemed relaxed and enjoying each other. So, I made my move. As I explained the project, I looked back and forth at each one, being sure to make eye contact. They were interested in the Stranger concept and were eager to participate. I first introduced myself to J’Nay, and had a bit of difficulty with her name. From the sound, I thought that it was Janet, with faux French pronunciation. When she spelled it, I was glad that I asked about the spelling. And even now, I’ve got the letters right, but I’m not sure if the N is capitalized or not. I suspect that others have struggled with this. Anyway,

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I was relieved to hear Patrick’s name, I could deal with that.

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They came to the B of A building, looking for a venue for a wedding reception. Amazingly (to me), there was a room on the top floor (22nd I think), available for $1,000. The view must be extraordinary. And Patrick thought that they could get it for $800. Nice. Good luck, J’Nay and Patrick!