Justin (#119) 10-22-12

While walking on Main Street in Sarasota, I saw a cool looking guy using his cell phone. I waited, and approached him as soon as he “hung up”, or whatever we do with cell phones. I introduced myself to Justin and explained my project and desires. As soon as I began talking, a smile crept over his face, he immediately “bought into: the idea.

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It turns out that he too, is a photographer, and has a project of photographing people inappropriately dressed for what they are doing. For example, he photographed several men who were dressed in suits and ties,… on the beach! He doesn’t know why they were there, but he got the candid shots. His wish is to transport some homeless people to the Ringling Museum of Arts, for portraits. That should raise a few eyebrows. When he started to light up, I got a few more shots.

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After several months of portraits in square crops, and getting bored, I am cropping into the landscape mode occasionally.