Vicky (#120) 10-23-12

Walking into my favorite coffee shop in Venice, FL, I saw Vickie sitting at an outside table. I introduced myself, and described the 100 Strangers group. She readily agreed to be photographed. Vickie has lived in the area for seven years, and works in a clothing store across the street.

For several months I have made very closely cropped square portraits, as this usually focuses attention to the eyes. I have gotten a bit bored with this. So, I am temporarily switching to horizontal (landscape) crops that are not quite as close. This makes me more careful about the background, because…, well, there IS more background.

     (click to enlarge)

After getting this shot, I showed it to Vickie on the camera’s LCD screen. She said, “That’s better than what I see in the mirror”. WHOA! That is the highest praise for a camera. Thanks Nikon, sorry Canon  ;-).