Jesse (#118) 10-20-12

Every Saturday morning, Jesse can be seen at the corner of Main St. and Lemon Ave., in Sarasota. He sits in a small scooter, the kind used by folks who cannot ambulate well. A basket on the scooter is always filled with something for sale. This day it was HUGE pine cones, to be decorated for Christmas. An adjacent farmer’s market insures a lot of foot traffic.

Jesse is always smiling, and usually is engaged in conversation. That’s just Jesse. Two small American flags are displayed, and he wears a veteran’s hat. He served during the Korean War and is PROUD of it! A younger brother also served in Korea, and three older brothers served during WW II. All came home in one piece, and Jesse thanks God for that. Although he survived, he did sustain some injury that keeps him from walking far, hence the scooter. It travels fast, and he has ridden it as far as Bradenton, ~10 miles!

     (click to enlarge)

I am posting this on a Saturday – I know where Jesse is now.