The Car Show (#113) 10-15-12

On a recent overcast, Sunday morning, a local city parking lot was transformed into a car show. Many photographers were capturing classic cars, but I was there to find classic people. Here are two:

One look at Renee just screamed Noo Yawk. So between cars, I caught up to her and made my usual request. She was receptive and turned towards me, squaring her shoulders (always a good sign). Sure enough, she was visiting the area from New York City, and her voice was as classic as her outfit.

     (click to enlarge)

Then I saw Bernie next to his vintage Chevelle. As he has relatively cheap antique car insurance, he cannot drive it on the road routinely. Plus, the paint job is so exquisite that the thought of road dings is painful. 

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Bernie and his wife live part time in Michigan and part in Florida – the car stays in Florida. They have a business maintaining condominiums, a natural in this condo-rich environment.