Mickey (#114) 16-10-12

Across a street I saw a young man with a neat houndstooth-like hat, talking to a woman. I quickly crossed the street and stood next to them, waiting my turn. It took a while, but seemed worth the wait. He was taller than me (6”1’) and carried a small rectangular case. I finally got to introduce myself to Mickey and Jeanne. Mickey is a musician. The case obviously held some flute variant, making Mickey the polar opposite of the proverbial dwarf tuba player.

When I explained that I wished to photograph him, he had no reservation and seemed mildly interested in the project. And importantly, he immediately understood my distain for fake “say cheese” poses. I almost felt camaraderie as “fellow artists”.

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After a few shots, Jeanne offered to loan him a cigarette, as if one ever paid back such a boon. But as I love smoking shots, this was manna from Heaven.

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