Giuseppe (#111) 10-12-12

Driving down Main Street in Sarasota, I saw three men sitting at a table laughing and apparently joking. I liked the energy and body language, so I parked as close as possible and quickly approached them. I told them what I hoped to do, looking into each one’s eyes as I spoke. Clearly two of them immediately “bought in” to the idea: the third, not so much.

So I began with the man to my right. I asked his name and he said, Giuseppe. Now I have never written that name before, so I confirmed the spelling, G-U-I-S-E-P-P-I. He said no, that it was G-I-U, not G-U-I. “G-U-I-is gooey, and I am not gooey”.

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Now, I will NEVER forget how to spell Giuseppe.