Nicolette (#912) 07-10-15

Twice a week I hit the Gym at 7:30AM, and cannot eat breakfast first. So my great indulgence is breakfast at First Watch, a chain in Florida. I parked a block away and walked, with the camera in the trunk. Mistake. My server was Nicolette, and I immediately knew that I wanted to photograph her. I forget which famous photographer who said that taking pictures was a lot easier if you had a camera.

So I explained my project to Nicolette – fortunately the restaurant was not busy. She was intrigued and was happy to let me come back with the camera after breakfast.

She is from Sarasota and was home schooled. Her parents traveled so much that they were never in one place long enough to start a conventional school. Nicolette is 25 and has been to all 50 states. I explained that I am 67 and have been to about 15. Nicolette smiled in a knowing way.

“Do you plan to be a waitress for long?”

“No, I want to travel.”

Big surprise.

When I returned with the tool of the trade, business had picked up. She came to the front door and said that she only had a minute. I propped the door open and got this shot.