Laura (#913) 07-12-15

Laura was seated, nibbling a pastry in my favorite covered plaza. The background was OK and she had wonderful rim lighting, but her face was dark. If I used flash or had a reflector, the light would have been perfect, but I had to move her to my “safe spot.”

Laura is from Pennsylvania, but grew up in Englewood, Fl – so did I. She is now a realtor and would love to get a place up north, maybe North Carolina, to escape the Florida summers. I recently learned the term “halfback.” These are folks who originated in the upper midwest or northeast, move to Florida, and later go 'half way back' to North Carolina, north Georgia, or Tennessee.

She approved of the images but had no interest in getting copies or taking my card.

“Laura, is this a good day, or a bad day?”

“It's a good day, I don't have to go in (to work).”