Julie (#919) 07-20-15

My friend Brent and I finished with one last stranger. The weather was Hot (with a capital H) and the Buddy Brew Coffee location sounded refreshing. It is located in a covered breezeway with good light, and a breeze. Did I mention it was hot?

One sole young lady was seated drinking her coffee, so I introduced myself and our intent. She looked wary and said, “That sounds kinda weird!” So I further explained and showed her my Photostream on the phone. She reluctantly agreed. Her shirt was wrinkled, but I noticed the word 'Theater'. “Oh yes, I work at the Florida Studio Theater" (one block away).

Julie is from Minnesota, and got a degree in Theater Arts from the University of North Dakota. If one place sounds colder than Minnesota, it's North Dakota. Working at the Florida Studio Theater gives Julie a great source for networking. She hopes to move to the upper east coast or California, where there are more defined seasons.

After she got used to us, she warmed up and was very pleasant. Brent and I was surprised that a theater person would be reticent about being photographed.

Thank you, Julie, for allowing me to photograph you for my ongoing project.