Ellie and Jack (#918) 07-19-15

I met with fellow photographer, Brent, in front of Whole Foods. As I waited I noticed Ellie and James at the next table. They looked tired, and I doubted that they would be interested in a conversation. But when Brent showed up, we approached them and they were very friendly.

They looked tired because they were. They had just arrived at the airport, from London. But they were to change planes in Miami. They missed the connection and spent the night in the airport with no sleep. In this situation, they were very gracious.

They are from Scotland and spent six months in their second house on St. Armands Key. I said that most people would spend the summer at home and winter in Florida. James said, “It's terrible at home. Also cold and rainy.” I said that they should move here, but they only have six month visas.

“Being from Scotland you should like golf.”

“I have never played, but as a coincidence, I used to work in the lounge at Gleneagles.”

“Ellie, did you work there too?”

“No, I am a part time teacher, K -6.”

Crossing the Atlantic a lot, they know airports all to well. Their assessment is that Miami is the worst, JFK and Chicago O'Hare are OK, and Tampa is the best.

Thank you, Ellie and Jack, for allowing me to photograph you for my ongoing project.