Kusdem (#885) 06-06-15

Kusdem is a one man pop music machine whom my friend Cal K and I met in Atlanta, GA. He is a vocalist, guitarist, pianist, and who knows what else. His name is pronounced like 'Custom', but it is easy to find online. I just went to Youtube and typed in 'Kusdem', and this came up.


If you have a few moments, check out one of the videos. Like so many my age, I see the talent and have no idea how it is monetized into a living. But I am glad that someone can do it.

If you see a video, you will not be surprised that Kusdem is very outgoing and articulate. A joy to meet, actually. He attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, and is from Stone Mountain. Atlanta expands ever outward, and Stone Mountain was gobbled up into the metropolis along with Marietta, Roswell, Norcross, and a gaggle of other used-to-be separate communities. Basically, Georgia is divided into Atlanta and Not-Atlanta, the latter being threatened by extinction.

“Kusdem” was not his given name. Surprise, surprise. Actually it was Kasey, the 'K' being retained by the stage name. Pretty clever.