Sarah (#904) 06-25-15

Walking down River Street in Savannah, I happened to look into a bar (I said LOOK!). It was quite dark, and Sarah's hair popped out. So I went in and met Sarah. After explaining the popping hair, she was happy to be photographed – one of my few indoor shots.

After introductions, I asked if her name had an 'H' at the end, and of course it does. I explained that I have to Sara(h)s in the family, one spelled each way. Sarah assured me that it is always better to have the 'H'. Sorry, Sara.

Sarah is from Greensboro North Carolina, celebrating her birthday and 'getting away' for a while. Happy Birthday, Sarah!

“What do you do in Greensboro?”

“I'm a bartender.”

“So you work in a bar and 'get away' by going to a bar?”

“I guess I go where I'm comfortable.”