Jessica (#903) 06-24-15

Jessica has been around. She is originally from California (multiple houses), but has lived in Maryland, Boston, and now Savannah. Her parents were in schools while she was growing up: hence, the peripatetic lifestyle. After graduating from college she would like to move out west, Utah maybe.

Jessica is about to begin her senior year at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Her major is Graphic Design, but she really likes typography. Now there's a specialized field! I asked where one would work with that specialty. The possibilities include Hallmark Cards and Penguin (I think that's what she said).

I met Jessica at a table outside of the Gallery Expresso coffee shop. She works there part time while going to school. Jessica is very open and easy to talk to – she immediately invited me to sit with her. The open conversation is reflected on the artwork on her right arm. She designed it (of course), and reminds us to 'speak from the heart.'

I love it. I am trying to get in touch with her about buying the file. A shirt with that logo (and message) would be perfect when stranger hunting.