Bronson and Merissa (#831) 04-10-15

They were sitting at a table next to the sidewalk at Smokin' Joe's bar. The light is consistently good at this location, so I almost always check it out. As I approached, the first thing that caught my eye was the edge of Merissa's hair. The second thing was the cell phone up to her ear. Arrggg! But it went away quickly. I wouldn't say that they were anxious to be photographed, but they didn't resist. Merissa explained that the previous day (Easter), they had celebrated heartily, and were not feeling 100% at the moment.

Merissa is a water rat. As a child, the family lived in Connecticut, and used boats for a few months a year. They moved to Florida so that they could expand that to 12 months. Merissa remembers the boat brand, Formula, which is very fast and has a nice cabin forward. They sold it to Merissa's dismay. She wants them to get another one, now that she “can drink wine too!”

She used to work for a radiology office in Venice. I worked in a lab a few blocks away, and we knew several of the same people. Now she works in a salon in Sarasota.

Bronson told me his name, and I said “Brandon?” “No, Bronson, like Charles Bronson.” I won't forget that. He liked his pictures and insisted that I send him copies. Then he said, “Let's get this one!”, and gave the flex pose. How could I not?