Tara and Michael (#832) 04-11-15

They were sitting near the road, a spot usually too bright for portraiture. But as I approached them, Michael was in perfect light, and Tara even had a little rim lighting as a bonus. Tara was all for being photographed. Michael was reticent at first, but after talking for a minute, he opened up and became quite friendly.

They are visiting from Westchester County, NY. It is a 30 minute restful train ride into Manhattan, where they go to school. Living in Westchester County is MUCH cheaper than Manhattan. Tara attends Fordham University, and is unsure of her future career path. Michael goes to the Cardozo School of Law. He has a background in the sciences and plans to practice patent law.

Tara's father was a professional photographer, photographing ballet performances in the 80s. In the early 70s, he was taking some practice shots in Central Park. He got numerous images of a mime doing his thing. A few years later the Mork and Mindy show aired. He recognized Robin Williams as the mime. After Robin Williams died, he resurrected the images that now had value. One was printed in Rolling Stone magazine. How about that?