Elijah (#844) 04-26-15

I pulled the car into a different high rise parking lot. As the stairs exit the ground floor, it is into an atrium with comfortable seating and a small coffee shop, Buddy Brew Coffee). The light is slightly low in quantity, but high in quality. So I boosted the ISO to 800 and waited.

Along came Elijah. He is about 6'3” tall and thin. The untied tie accentuated the vertical. So as he exited Buddys with java in hand, I introduced myself. He is soft spoken and a little shy, but was happy to participate. He is a Sarasota native, and for the past 1 ½ years has worked at Louie's Modern Restaurant, which forms the right wall of the atrium.

Elijah really liked the images. He gave me his e-mail address, and it is a Yahoo account. I told him that most people his age use Yahoo, people my age use AOL or GMAIL.

“Why did you choose Yahoo?”

“Yahoo was already my home page, and signing up was easy.”

Maybe this is not as significant as I had thought.