Anastasia (#843) 04-25-15

Well, I am trying to get into the artsy world. Last week I met, but did not photograph, Mike Solomon. He has a local show of his large paintings and acrylic sculptures called, Sea of Light. Here is about Mike

And here is the Alfstad& Gallery and Mikes exhibit.

When I entered, I met Anastasia, the curator on duty. No other viewers were there. Anastasia gave me the full tour and explained how Mike constructs his art. I cannot say paints, of sculpts. Various media are involved, and the processes are complicated.

Anastasia was born and raised in Sarasota. She attended Booker High School, known for its programs in the visual and performing arts. Other than that, she is self taught. Anastasia does some painting. Also, for seven years she has worked for Andrea Dasha Reich, who makes amazing art. Some is displayed in Sarasota; I have to see it. But the work in the art field is not lucrative, and Anastasia is not amassing wealth. Interestingly, as a child she was known as Ann. Only at age 12 did she learn that her full name was Anastasia. Nice that someone clued her in.

As we talked, I felt a portrait coming on. I explained the project and she seemed interested. Until it dawned on her that I wanted her face. She politely declined. I told her that I was surprised when an artist declines. Other artists must realize how difficult making art is, and should be supportive. She capitulated, but insisted on adding lipstick. Sigh...


Anastasia was very happy with the result, as if she had never had a nice photo before. Hard to believe.