Carrie and Craig (#840) 04-21-15

Of course they were having a bite outside Pastry Art. I need to patent this spot. Both were pleasant, and glad to be a part of the project. When asking names, Craig talked funny – obviously a Brit.

Carrie has been here for 10 years, having come from St. Louis. She likes the places equally and says that St. Louis gets a bad rap. The trouble in nearby Ferguson has tainted the impressions of the area. It isn't true, St. Louis is a great city. I told Carrie that my Granddaughter studies broadcast journalism at the University of Missouri In Columbia. Carrie studied Finance at the University of Missouri in St. Louis.

Craig works in information technology. “I wish I were in finance.” He left England five years ago. Craig has been back twice, and said that he and Carrie would go there this summer. The dollar has improved significantly against the pound (big smile).