Bob (#841) 04-22-15

Actually his name is Bulat, with a Russian accent.

“Is Bulat a common name in Russia?”

“Sort of, but not like Ivan or Igor! (laugh)”

Bulat has been in the U.S. For 10 years. Most of that time he lived near Detroit. Twice someone asked him if he was Bob from Mackinac. He must look like Bob from Mackinac. So he has adopted the name Bob. Bob moved to Siesta Key, a tony area near Sarasota, a few months ago. He says that he spent the first half of his life in cold, and will spend the second half in warm. His parents, in their 80s, are visiting him now from the mother country; he thinks that they need to move here.

Bob was on his laptop, looking up careers. He hasn't been working for a while, says that he's retired. Hmmm... He liked my Olympus camera. Like so many, he was duped into thinking that it was an old film camera. Olympus did a good job with the trickery. Bob has a Samsung something-or-other camera. With a tripod, he has gotten shots of the moon showing its craters.