Bill (#800) 03-07-15

Bill was sitting on a wing wall by Starbucks. I'm not a big Starbucks fan, but I usually pass by as I have found several strangers here. The light is more closed shade than I prefer, it's a bit flat. But for an interesting face, it will do.

Bill is from New York, and was a hippie. He didn't attend Woodstock, but he went to Watkins Glen, and he says that it was bigger. He was in the Army during the cold war, with secret nuclear training. Bill was forbidden to discuss it for 10 years when it became declassified.

But most of the discussion was about how Sarasota has changed. He's upset at condominium dwellers who complain about noise, like evening parties. He pointed to the condo behind us, “There's a woman on the 10th floor who says that she can smell cigarette smoke from passersby on the sidewalk. Well here (as he blew some smoke into the air).” “This city ain't what it used to be – more action in Bradenton.” Bradenton is 10 miles north, and not renown for 'action'. Then Bill went into an anti-Obama rant...