Wendy (#799) 06-03-15

Wendy was waiting on the coffee line behind me. She caught my eye, and I hoped for a chance to meet. I took a table outside and darned if she didn't take the table right next to me. So I introduced myself and the project. She immediately smiled and looked a bit embarrassed, I held my breath. But she was game.

It was immediately obvious that she was from the UK. Brits talk funny, you know. After coming to America, she lived in Connecticut for 25 years before moving to Sarasota. Her husband died of pancreatic cancer ten years ago; the clinical course was only three months. Now she lives near the overdeveloped University Parkway.

"Oh where all the traffic is?"


Wendy gave me her card so I could e-mail the photo. Her full name is Winifred, I hope that Wendy is the correct spelling. She is a licensed social worker, licensed to do clinical assessments at home. She often works for a Jewish ministry. As my wife and I live in a Jewish retirement facility (we're the token Gentiles), she knew our home well.