Swami (#820) 03-25-15

As I walked past an indoor-outdoor eatery in Winter Park, Swami was sitting just inside, perfect for light. Swami?? That's what he said! It's his real name. He teaches math at the Ampersand School in nearby Longwood. http://www.ampersandschool.com/ Looking at the faculty, sure enough: Swami Howard. Clearly this an alternative school for the gifted. Swami is no ordinary teacher, and his students call him, Mr. Swami.

Many years ago he did computer graphics. Swami went into the history of mathematics, about how mathematicians look for patterns. He says that it's much more interesting than crunching formulas. Many patterns in biology can be expressed, and predicted by math. He then spoke about a new DNA base pair being synthesized and inserted into the E. Coli genome. This greatly increases the number of base pair possibilities in defining genes. Like I said, no ordinary teacher. His students are lucky, and had better keep up!

What caught my eye originally was the logo on his shirt.

Of course, the reverse side had nerd stuff too.