Trudy (#819) 03-24-15

I was having a snack with Al, in front of Pastry Art. I first met Al as one of my strangers from the Flickr group, 100 Strangers.

His German Shepard, Kash, is a service dog who is unbelievably well trained. The local merchants all recognize Al and Kash, and Kash draws the attention.

Trudy and her daughter were about to walk by, but Trudy stopped to pet Kash. She marveled at his beauty and training.

Trudy: “I once had a friend who had a yellow lab. He lived to 16!”

Al: “Kash is 9, and he will live a long life. If a dog is penned up in a yard, they live a short life. If they get love and freedom, they live long.” Kash is not on a leash.

Trudy is from Winnipeg, Ont. She is in Sarasota visiting her daughter.

“That's backwards. Young people are supposed to visit their parents, or grandparents, in Florida.”

“I know. I'm not stupid.”

The daughter came back to pet Kash. She refused to be photographed. Too bad, she would have looked great.