Sam and Rachel (#817) 03-22-15

On Saturday mornings, the downtown area is packed to the gills. I stood across the street from my coffee hangout, Pastry Art, and there was absolutely no place to sit. Rachel and Sam had to sit on the curb while Sam ate.

So to reduce their pain and brighten their day, I met them and asked for a portrait. By herself, Rachel would have declined, but Sam affirmed for both of them, between bites.

Rachel graduated from a local high school, and said that she is “only a cashier” at a golf driving range. I corrected her; You're not “only” a cashier, you are a CASHIER! “That is honorable work, and you are contributing to society. I'm not sure that she bought into that.

Sam went to a local school for the gifted and now attends Florida State University. For full disclosure, I admitted that I was an alumnus of the rival University of Florida. He smiled, shrugged, and never stopped chewing. They were in a hurry, waiting for a ride. I stood in the road to get my shots, and a blue Toyota Prius honked the horn right in my ear. I jumped, but it was Sam and Rachel's ride announcing his arrival. I said that he'd be lucky to find a parking place within 1/2mile.

All of Sam's images showed him chewing. He thought that it was a hoot. After shaking hands and leaving, I sat on a window ledge filling out my journal. An older man came for them. I could hear him asking in an accusing tone, “Who was that? Why was he taking pictures?” I quickly jumped up and showed hi my Flickr stream and explained the project. After a few seconds he gave a weak smile and asked when they would receive their check. I told him that I was a Florida Gator and Sam wouldn't believe me anyway. We all had a laugh, and I felt that I had diffused a situation.