Orn (#783) 02-07-15

When Orn approached, I had no idea how she would respond to my request. She is from Thailand, and has been in the U.S. For only three years. One aunt is here, but the rest of her family is in Thailand. Orn loves it here, “It is so quiet!”

She was shy, but obviously interested in 100 Strangers. There was not so much a language barrier as a cultural barrier. She was smiling, but had difficulty understanding what I was up to. Orn preferred the smiley image. I had showed her my photostream on the phone and she wanted to see it later, so I gave her a card. And she wanted a copy of the images and gave me her e-mail address. I felt good about that, as she might have considered that an invasion of privacy. But, she didn't.

Looking at the images enlarged on the computer, I think that I can see contact lenses. I had never thought of that before.