Howard (#782) 02-06-15

Howard was sitting on an outdoor bench, reading something on his phone. I commented on his British accent. Howard lived 100 miles north of London, and has been in the U.S. For 12 years. Then he returned to England for two years, spent a little time in Boston, and here he is again. He is ambivalent as to where he prefers to live, most of his family is in the UK.

Howard works at the Sarasota Opera House (two blocks away), in management and promotions. He cringed at his photo, “I have so much gray!” I told him that I'd get rid of that in Photoshop – a lie. :-) He very much liked the 100 Strangers project and took a card. And he gave me his e-mail address so that I could send him this image – gray and all.