Al (#753) 01-07-15

While drinking a cup of Joe al fresco, I saw Al across the street, walking in the other direction. Something about his demeanor caught my eye, and I resolved that if he came back, I'd meet him. Sure enough, after walking a block he about faced and headed my way. I quickly crossed the street and walked toward him. In an unusual display of efficiency, a busboy immediately removed my ½ cup of coffee, the price of being a stranger portrait photographer.

Al seemed amused by my request and immediately said “OK.” I halfway expected him to ask for a little money, but he didn't. Instead, he went right into a series of poses, he clearly likes to be photographed. He is originally from Sarasota. I asked if he worked nearby. “No, I'm just hanging around now.” Hmmm...

I asked if he had eaten breakfast, he had not. But Al had to be somewhere in a few minutes. So I dragged him across the street into Pastry Art and bought him a muffin to go. The look on his face as we parted suggested that this had not happened too often in the past.