Logan (#752) 01-06-15

At the Sarasota Farmer's Market, Logan was working at the back of a pickup truck. He was unloading pots of flowers. After working at other jobs, he finally joined his father in flower sales 2 ½ years ago. A I asked if they grew them. “Oh, no. How can you compete with flowers from South America. They are shipped in one day and are still cheaper then we can grow them.”

Logan went to nearby Sarasota High School, and was the fourth ranked pole vaulter in the state. Of course, ribbons are for first, second and third. That career ended badly. A pole broke, and he pulled all the ligaments in one shoulder.

I asked about his scratches and shiner. “On Christmas Eve, I tried to break up a fight in a bar. But the other guy lost. He's in jail.