Miriam and Giovanni (#765) 01-19-15

The motorcycle rally was intermittently too loud for speaking; I had to pick my times carefully. When I spotted Miriam's hair in the distance, I just had to act. I waited for a minute, and She and Giovanni were slowly ambling my way. So I resorted to a technique that I find very helpful. I followed them – from in front. I slowly walked in the same direction assuming that they'd follow. When I passed by a location with decent light and background, I stopped and waited. When they went by that spot, I walked up to meet them.

Both were in a festive mood and were happy for the 'opportunity' to be photographed. Giovanni had a mild Italian accent. He has been in the U.S. For eight years. A man wearing a University of Illinois jacket passed and Giovanni pointed and Said,”That's my jacket! That's my school!”

Miriam's accent was much thicker. I had trouble understanding her name, so with Moleskine journal in hand, I got her to spell it. When I realized that it was Miriam, such an easy name, I felt a bit embarrassed. My wife and I had eaten with a Miriam the evening before, although that Miriam was several decades older with less interesting hair. Well this Miriam lives in Milan and is only visiting the U.S. She has only four more days here.

“How do you like it here?”

“It's nice, but I wanted warm, sunny weather.”

She got neither.

When I pulled up the camera, she immediately assumed this pluckish look.