Chanel (#651) 09-22-14

Chanel was seated at a bar that was open to the street. Due to the light, this has become one of my favorite places to meet people. When I explained my intention, she laughed and asked “Why?” I further explained the project and showed my photostream on my phone.

She was born and raised in Sarasota, but graduated from high school in West Palm Beach. For a short time, she lived in Venice, near me. On this day her daughter was with her Dad, and Chanel had a little 'down time'.

After I got the shot, she laughed again and said, “And why do you keep doing this?” I said that I was retired, don't have the temperament for golf or the healthy knees for tennis, so this is my hobby. I said, “I am an introvert. I would never go around meeting nice people like you without a camera and this project.” And that's the truth.