Maralyn and Allie (#650) 09-21-14

Maralyn was standing in front of Whole Foods with her neat headband and pink cellphone in hand. And camo shorts, that seemed a disconnect. So I told her that her outfit seemed interesting. She seemed amazed at the project, but did not equivocate. Maralyn is a Sarasota native, and Sarasota High School graduate.

I showed her my Flickr stream on the phone and she said that her daughter would be coming out soon. So I quickly got to work. Maralyn has children 20, 12, 10 and 5 years old. I didn't bother to ask what she does in her spare time. We looked at the images on the LCD and I said, “Oh, this expression may be a bit severe.” She replied, “Nope, my kids say that I'm rigid. That's me.”

Then Allie (the 12 year old) came out of the store. I was easily able to get her into a picture. Maralyn might be rigid, but I thought that it was nice that Allie was not embarrassed by this connection.