Diana (#609) 06-03-14

A few weeks ago I was experiencing my recurring angst about color vs black and white. To me, b&w draws the viewer to the eyes, and emphasizes expression over distracting elements in the frame. But then there's Steve McCurry; his color portraits have only two or three colors, with each color defining a space. And they are so compelling! So I periodically feel that I must give color another try.

Thank you, Diana, you came along at just the right time. I met you in Ft. Myers, and although you were in a hurry, you graciously spared me a few minutes of your time. And you indulged me by moving about 30 yards to find a suitable background. Congratulations on just finishing a singing engagement at the Florida Repertory Theatre. I'm sure that you were a hit! You seemed to approve of your images on the camera's LCD, so I emailed you the files. I'm sure that you enjoy your home in Cape Coral, just across the Caloosahatchee River.

I was pleased that the background color and sweater were so compatible. But still I vacillate; Does the b&w version provide a more powerful representation of Diana's facial gesture?