Peter (#608) 06-02-14

Peter was walking toward me, in Naples, FL. With the Canon DSLR hanging from his neck, I figured that he'd be a good candidate. Plus, something about his look and body language suggested that he was not a local. When I stopped him, he seemed a bit amused, but interested. He was more interested when I showed him my Photostream on the cell phone.

Peter is from Slovakia, REALLY not a local. In retrospect, I am sorry that I didn't ask about the spelling of his name, I might be wrong. I told him that his English was good, but he just rolled his eyes. Peter did have a substantial accent, but he was very easily understood. He was in the U.S. for a three month stint, that was almost over. I asked if he was a student. He laughed and said, “No, I'm 27!”

Peter was very interested in my Olympus OM-D. Surprisingly, when I explained what it was, he was totally unfamiliar with the micro 4/3 concept. He held it and took a few shots. Looking at the LCD, he laughed and said “Oh God, delete these!” He did not feel at all comfortable with the electronic viewfinder.