Joe and Alex (#620) 06-13-14

Actually there is no Alex, but there was originally. As I walked on a main street, the sidewalk went through outdoor seating for a restaurant. Joe and Alex were eating, and their body language suggested that they were having a good time. I sometimes approach people outside of a coffee shop, or ice cream parlor, but I have not stopped people from eating a full meal at a restaurant. Besides bad manners, I am afraid that the proprietor will think that I am harassing patrons. Maybe I would be.

But a few minutes later, they were on a bench about 100 yards away. So I met them and made my request. Joe was very outgoing and animated – he was all for being photographed. Alex (female) was pleasant, but quiet and reserved. I showed her the images on my cell phone and she seemed interested. Joe said, “I'll go first.” I positioned him in front of an open door and fired away. He was a jokester, no way to get a serious look. Joe studied plastics engineering for two years at Penn State. Now he is saving money so that he can finish his degree at The University of South Florida, or Central Florida.

Then when I turned to Alex, she said that they had to go, as they had a date with her parents. I said, “Not even 30 Seconds?” Joe cut in and said, “We really have to be going.” Apparently Alex gave him some sign (that I had missed) and Joe was protecting her wishes. Darn!