Andrea (#619) 06-12-14

I saw Andrea at a local Farmer's market, not the one that I usually frequent. Her free-spirit gait and Bohemian dress caught my eye. Especially the hat. When I caught up to her, she had no problem with being photographed.

She is originally from Tampa, but went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh for a degree in Fine Arts. She has now been in Venice for a year. Andrea's art is graphics and overlying pastels, and is up to eight feet on a side. Her website is interesting (and not always safe for work). The provocative description of her current project gives you an idea.

“Current project: Senior Studio

This past year I have created a variety of projects that deal with the human and it's body, gender, alternate persona, and technology. Savoring the visceral union of meat and metal; relishing the taste of flesh and machine; thirsting for blood and digital consciousness; my work ranges from mythological to metallic camp in its worst form...” Her website is HERE.                 

But to put food on the table, she works at a local high-end Italian restaurant. Andrea was at the market, in part, because her boyfriend had a booth, a headgear company called “Bambooty.” Neat name. I vowed to get his portrait, but he was always swamped with customers and I did not get a chance.

I really liked this image and did more work on the background than usual to make a cohesive (I hope) color palette.