Olesya (#589) 05-10-14

After photographing Meghan, my last stranger, she said “There's another person here you can photograph.” Almost on cue, Olesya walked up. She was quite shy, and I had to 'draw her out'. The name Olesya has four syllables and I had to struggle to spell it correctly. She was raised in southwest Florida, but she was born in Siberia. For me, that is a first. Olesya's parents are in the U.S., but she was reluctant to talk about them.

I photographed Olesya in the same place as Meghan, the light was identical. Each was indoors, a few feet from an open door. Several people pointed out that the image of Meghan is too cool, there is a cyan cast. It frustrates me that I can often recognize color casts in other photographer's images, but not my own. This is part of the beauty of black and white, for me. Anyway, I now have the opportunity to redeem myself.

When I showed Olesya her image on the LCD, she was unhappy that she didn't have much makeup on. I'll let you decide if that is a major problem.