Too (#590) 05-11-14

I find this a difficult write up, as the encounter was a bit disjointed. I cannot follow a theme. It began outside of a Starbucks in St. Petersburg. I saw this distinguished looking African American sitting by himself, checking his cell phone. Another man (tomorrow's stranger) was alone at an adjacent table.

I walked up to Rasta Man and gave him my spiel, telling him (truthfully) that I liked his hair. As I spoke, my heart sank; he was looking at me like I was a space alien. He said, “Can't do it man, everyone wants to photograph me. I'm, like, sort of a celebrity.” The guy (Jerry) at the next table spoke up, “You really don't know who he is? II later learned that Jerry is a kidder)” I became very uncomfortable, not being well versed in pop culture. I figured that he was someone famous.

Jerry said, “But you can photograph me if you want.” So I walked over to him, and we began talking. Finally Rasta Man called over, “OK, you can get my picture.” I left Jerry like a hot potato and met Too. That's the only name that he gave. He is originally from Miami, but went to college in St. Pete. He returned to Florida City (south of Miami), but then came back here – quite a bit of relocation for a young guy.

Too said that he has been on TV many times – sort of coincidental. He said that he had been interviewed by Kelly Ring, an anchor at the local FOX affiliate. I asked him why. “I don't know, things sort of happen when I'm around. And people want to get my picture.”

I showed him my cell phone with my Flickr Photostream. His eyes widened when he said, “You didn't know any of those people?” I scrolled down and said that the images would go a few feet into the ground. He seemed impressed. When I raised the camera, Too naturally gave the sign of the Aquila – double headed eagle. I had to Google that.

Suddenly he excused himself, got on a nice looking bike, and rode away. I asked Jerry if he knew Too. “Not really, I think that he's an entertainer trying to get established.” We agreed that if that is true, Too should be actively promoting himself, not being coy. I really don't know what to make of all this.