Schuyler (#597) 05-18-14

I saw Schuyler crossing a street in Bradenton, FL. Fortunately he was crossing my way. I approached him and told him that I liked the style that his hat, and ear plugs provided, and went through my spiel. He smiled and said that he loves being photographed. I felt that I added a little spring in his step, which is a nice by-product of this project.

Schuyler was born in New Mexico, but grew up in Bradenton. Schuyler said that his life had not been all easy, and he takes pride in what he has accomplished. This fall, he will begin studying biotechnology at nearby State College of Florida.

A disclosure; I originally is misspelled his name as 'Skyler.' He liked the image on the LCD and later e-mailed me asking for the image, so I saw the correct spelling.

A few minutes later, we met again in a nearby coffee shop. He had been on some kind of a fast for 21 days, and was celebrating with a fancy latte. I picked up the tab and wished him well in college.