Melissa (#596) 05-17-14

One more color image. We were in a Nike store and my wife made a purchase – shoelaces, a capital investment. Melissa was at the checkout counter. I have had color on my mind, looking for opportunities to have a very few colors in an image, and for each color to define a space. The colors would ideally be complimentary (directly across from each other on the color wheel), or analogous (very close to each other on the color wheel). There was a small swatch of color behind Melissa that was VERY analogous to her skin tones and hair. So I met her and gave it a try.

Melissa spoke with an island twang; she was born in Trinidad and left when she was 18. “I am a VERY independent person, and I just had to get away from my parents. Now, I miss them.” She went to New York (the Bronx) for several years and still owns a home there. She loved the fast lifestyle, but it was no place to raise her two kids. So now she's in Ft. Myers. When the kids are grown, she'll move back to New York.

This was her penultimate day at Nike. Melissa is starting her own business, body-wrapping. That is well off my radar screen. Anyway, the posted image is what I am most comfortable with. The image in the comment section – I can't decide.