Larry #2 (#561)

Larry is a bit of a character, but you already figured that out. I was walking past a number of small art studios and antique stores when I saw Larry about to enter one. When I saw the gray Mohawk, I knew that he would be agreeable. Surprise, he smiled and politely declined. But he said that he had a friend who would be game, so I should follow. I did. As I spoke with his lady friend, he looked at me and said, “awww, OK.” So I got this shot – indoors.

Larry is retired, but he wouldn't say from what. I asked what kind of dye he used to make his hair look gray ;-). He assured me that the color was the real thing. Larry was born in Macon, but attended a different high school than my Granddaughters. He asked where I was from, and when I said the west coast of Florida he told me that he planned to move to Ft. Myers. When I asked why, he just said, “Why not?”