Uli (#572) 04-20-14

On a Sunday, a woman’s half marathon was scheduled in Clearwater, FL. The day before was reserved for a runner's expo, with vendors for all kinds of athletic pursuits. Around 9AM, workers, mostly women, were scrambling to get things set up on time. Uli caught my eye (she had the long, lean runner's look), so I made my usual request.

Uli is a German name. She thought that the 100 Strangers concept was “So neat!” Her business is Fun Athlete, and she sells offbeat athletic clothing that is..., well, fun. Her website is HERE.

Uli is used to photography. She used to sell 'extraordinary' wedding cakes in Louisiana, and she made photographs of the cakes. I asked her to move several yards to a dark purple sheet, and she had no reservations. I tried for some backlight with minimal flare. We exchanged cards and I sent her this image.