Rosie (#571) 04-19-14

Downtown Macon, GA, is unfortunately an economically depressed area. I have encountered many poor people there, but have never been panhandled – until I met Rosie.

I was walking past her when she called out, “Hey Mister, take a picture of my cat.” So I walked over and said that I'd get a picture of both of them. The cat is Sassy and is five yeas old. Rosie is from Thomaston, GA. I told her that my wife had friends from there, and Rosie said that she recognized the names. I am not totally convinced.

I showed her the images. She has no e-mail, and no way to get the photo. I suspected that when she suggested that I photograph Sassy. Then Rosie said that she had not eaten for a while, and yada, yada. I made a small contribution. So, Macon is not immune to this sort of thing.