Vlad (#537) 03-07-14

Vlad is kind of unique. I heard him performing at a local art festival. Most of the event was dedicated to visual arts, but a few musicians were sprinkled in. Vlad’s instrument is the tsimbaly, or hammer dulcimer, from Belarus and Ukraine. You have probably never heard anything like it. You can read about it (and Vlad) HERE. 

Originally from Eastern Europe, Vlad now makes his home in Toronto. Part of the year he travels and performs. Why not? Why not be in Florida in February instead of Toronto?

He was playing classical music by Chopin, Beethoven, etc. I bought a CD. I asked if he composed his own music. He said yes, but he had run out of those CDs; it would have to be ordered online. I find it VERY pleasing. There is a 21 second youtube video of Vlad playing, HERE.


He is quite shy. When I asked for a portrait he hesitated before agreeing. I was pleased at the genuine expression that I captured.