Johnny (#536) 03-06-14

While strolling on the sidewalk near an outdoor festival, a tall young man caught my eye, for his gait and “presence.” It’s hard to put it into words. But he was moving quickly and I had little chance of catching him. But a few minutes later, I saw him “manning” a booth in the festival. When I explained my project, Johnny expressed interest and enthusiasm. Unfortunately (for me) he smiles constantly – that’s just the way his.


The booth was for Waldorf Sarasota, an alternate educational environment for children, kindergarten through 5th grade. Johnny Was surprised that I had not heard of it. The Waldorf mission statement is interesting, “We are an intentional school community founded by parents, teachers and friends seeking a unique, progressive education for our children. Serving early childhood through elementary grades, Waldorf Sarasota honors imagination as the heart of every child's learning foundation to cultivate creativity, courage, confidence and contribution to the world.” The website for the Sarasota facility is HERE: 

It was refreshing as Johnny explained aspects of the educational program with childlike enthusiasm. This project opens my eyes to new things almost daily.