Shawn (#555) 03-31-14

This was the second time that I had been hustled that afternoon in Tampa. Shawn. When I first heard his name, he said S-H-A-W-N. "I never understood how they got Shawn out of S-E-A-N, like Sean Connery." So, we got that straight!

Shawn walked VERY briskly toward me and told me his story, not that I had asked. He and his 11 year old daughter were originally from Alabama. They were traveling in South Florida where he found work, when his truck was broken into and everything was stolen. The daughter was with police at the police station. Shawn said that he wasn't asking for help for himself, but for his daughter. He told me how much he needed for a meal (for her) and a place to stay for the night. I offered a fraction of that in order to meet and photograph him.

It is discouraging how commonplace this type of interaction is becoming. Shawn was very well spoken and convincing. I assume that it was a scam, but who knows?