Cheryl and Greg (#554) 03-29-14

Cheryl was sitting in a tall directors chair along the edge of the sidewalk, with artist's booths in the middle of the closed off street. She just seemed so content. So when I asked if she was one of the artists, she said, "Oh no, my husband Greg is" as she pointed to a booth with a sign, "Driftwood Expressions." I toured the booth. The artwork is predominantly sea life, and the medium is rough driftwood. Some have areas of polished wood, finished as fish.

Cheryl and Greg are from Louisiana, and are not actually husband and wife. Divorced, Cheryl knew Greg since high school and they have been couple for the past two years. A man from an adjacent booth came by and they hugged. Cheryl said, "This is my other husband." OK.

Cheryl and Greg spend time in the Bayou country where they gather all of the rough wood. Cheryl then cleans and sorts it, and prepares it for the artist. They do a circuit of art festivals, the next weekend they would be in Marathon, FL, about 275 miles away.