Katie (#552) 03-28-14

There was a recent discussion string about backgrounds vs strangers, in the 100 Strangers Flickr group. Clearly some of us place great value on specific background features. Usually I do not, although Katie(?) is an exception.

Sirene Coastal Interiors is a store just three blocks from my home. The website is here

On this Saturday, a small table was set up outside, for one artist to display her works. As I walked by, I looked at the lady artist as she was on the phone and her face was perfectly framed by a mirror in the store window. I stood to the side for a few minutes until she was off the phone, and then made my move. Unfortunately, I did not write her name down immediately – you know what that means... I know that it begins with a 'K', and I think that it is Katie.

Katie's business is Magic Mountain Originals. She works out of her house in Ana Maria, about 40 miles north, and produces small hanging sculptures; some are sold in Sirene Coastal Interiors. Magic Mountain does not have a website.

When I explained how she was framed by the mirror, Katie seemed pleased, and more than happy to cooperate.