Kurt (#551) 03-26-14

While “patrolling” downtown Tampa, I saw Kurt about to enter a CVS store. The very serious look captured my fancy, so I quickly crossed the street and asked for a “favor” before he could get into the store. His appearance toward me certainly was not happy, but he had no hesitation about being photographed.

Kurt is from New York and is VERY happy to be visiting Florida. He had to get to the airport (4 – 5 miles away), to see friends arrive. He asked if I knew where to catch a cab. I told him no, that I was from out of town – but wait! Yes, actually I did know! I pointed the way past a bank about three blocks away and told him that cabs lined up along a side street. Kurt thanked me profusely and began walking. What a coincidence, what is the chance that I would know about taxis in this city? What puzzled me was that Kurt's expression never changed one bit. This image is how he looked for 4 – 5 minutes.