Marianda (#546) 18-03-14

About 4 PM I walked by one of my favorite pizza joints in Tampa, Eddie and Sams. A young lady was sitting at an outside table, reading. I made an about face and introduced myself. As soon as I began describing the project she began smiling, and I knew that I was in luck. Her name is Marianda, which I needed help spelling. She said that her mother had made it up, and she likes it, even thought most people have trouble with the spelling.

She worked at Eddie and Sams, and was on break. I told her that I liked the place. It's probably the only pre- cooked and re-heated by-the-slice pizzas that I like. And I told her so. She looked up and said, “Oh, it is SO good. I love it.” I let her know that I planned to have a couple of slices in an hour or two. I asked if she had graduated from a high school in Tampa. She replied no, but that she had attended a high school in Plant City, about 20 miles away.

Later, I did get pizza there and Marianda was cleaning tables. Clearly she is not at the top of the pay scale, and it is nice to see employee loyalty.